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Growing up is for Losers

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6/16/05 10:11 pm - ewandreamer

Hows the new layout? Yay/nay/may?



6/15/05 02:20 pm - theosoweirdone

b/c i have to fix my ovesized pic...Collapse )

6/15/05 02:18 pm - theosoweirdone

aww, i love this picCollapse )

6/15/05 02:16 pm - theosoweirdone

how cool is this?Collapse )

6/14/05 11:17 pm - theosoweirdone - Loser!

Hey!Look,Laura I posted before you! HA! Anyways.....I'm gonna post b/c Laura is out making googly eyes w/Mason....GROSS! (i want details) So, i got a great idea, we should get together and watch Peter Pan movies, oh yeah.....I'm such a loser, i know. Like we could watch "Peter Pan" (1953), "Peter Pan" (2003), "Hook" and my personal favorite "Finding Neverland" So, who's in?

6/12/05 07:36 am - theosoweirdone

  there you go, just for you Tink

6/11/05 06:11 pm - theosoweirdone

6/11/05 06:08 pm - theosoweirdone

Aww, look! we're so cute.....

6/11/05 12:09 am - such_a_girl_4u

I call Tink! YAY! I may be small, but i have connections and they will kick your ass for me ^_^ have a lovely day. Lol.

6/10/05 10:50 pm - theosoweirdone

OK, I'm Peter! I'm in charge and what i say goes....got it? J/k. Cause if you don't....you'll have to grow up. So join the fun!
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